Paul Juno

Los Angeles Multi-Media Artist

Macro Photography - Illustration - Murals

Hello there!

Multi-Media means I shift artistic disciplines depending on situations. Still life painting has been a recent avenue of exploration and experimentation, as well as surrealism abstraction of the real world through the documentation of hallucinations and day dreaming. My illustrations are immediate reflections of my surroundings, twisting and stitching a narrative to create an honest and original picture journal. I also have an intense fascination with how fluids can create dynamic agate-style color designs, exemplified through the use of macro photography. Chaos theory is the instrument I rely on, intentionally leaving the human hand out of the composition to create these marble paintings. It is a cathartic, fleeting and stress-free process that will always be a ritual in my artwork.


showing artwork includes:


ROCKY MOUNTAIN COLLEGE OF ART & DESIGN, Solo Show, 'Cause and Effect' Denver CO'- 2012

‘Here I Am’ BERKS & CO, Los Angeles, Glendale CA - 2013 - 2014

‘WE ARE MANY’ at MCAU Art Gallery Los Angeles CA – 2015

‘Paul Juno’ at MUSH in Silverlake CA - 2014 - 2015


PANCAKES & BOOZE, Arts District Warehouse, Downtown Los Angeles CA - 2015

AUDIOPHILIA Group art show, Middleground Gallery Los Angeles CA - August 2015

‘Coffee Series’ ROOSTERCAT COFFEE HOUSE Denver Colorado - 2015 - 2016

LA LIVE DARK NIGHTS Live Mural Painting Los Angeles Convention Center - August 2015                                                 

LOS ANGELES DOWNTOWN ARTWALK, Artwalk Lounge Featured Artist, Los Angeles, November 2015

‘Studio Show’ MAKE IT HAPPEN MUSIC SHOP, solo show, Los Angeles CA 2015 

HOMAGE Group Show by Middleground Gallery, Ontario CA - November 2015

'ATUAD Y ALMA' group show at KGB Gallery, Los Angeles CA 2015

'Oddwalk2.0 at Oddville Creative Space, Los Angeles CA 2016

'Breasts, an Explorative Exhibit' at Oddville Creative Space, Los Angeles CA 2016

'Chocolate and Art Show' at KGB Gallery, Los Angeles CA, 2016

'Somewhere In LA' group show Little Tokyo Art Complex, Los Angeles CA, June 2016

Groundwork Coffee Co curated through Art Share LA 2nd & Main street, Los Angeles CA, May-August 2016

'CLOCKWERX' group show curated through Middleground Gallery, Pomona Artwalk, May 2016

 'Paul Juno' 'featured artist for Downtown Artwalk, Little Tokyo Art Complex Los Angeles CA, May 2016

LA LIVE Dark Nights Live Mural Painting, LA Live Convention Center Los Angeles CA June 2016 

'Rituals De Lo Habitual' curated through Middleground Gallery, at the Sniggity Snail, Pomona CA, August 2016

'Fame Creation3' Group Art Show at The DA Center for the Arts, Pomona CA, August 2016

'CRATEDIGGER' Group Art show at Gabba Gallery, Los Angeles CA, August 2016

'Raw Sugar No 1' Group Art Show at Fathom Gallery, Los Angeles CA, September 2016

'Wishlist' Group Art Show at Gabba Gallery, Los Angeles CA, November 2016

'Office Hours' Group Art Show at Beta Main Museum, Downtown Los Angeles CA, December 2016

'We The People' Group Exhibition, Artwalk Lounge, Downtown Los Angeles CA, January 2017

'#MydayinLA' Group Exhibition, Art Share, Los Angeles CA, March 2017

'Cratedigger II' Group Art Show at Gabba Gallery, Los Angeles CA, August 2017

'Unsilent Spring' Group Art Show at Art Share, Los Angeles CA, September 2017

'Studio Artwalk' Group Art Show at Little Tokyo Art Complex, Los Angeles CA, December 2017

‘Still Lifes and Dreamscapes’ Solo show at The Little Tokyo Art Complex, Los Angeles CA, December 2018

‘Meticulous Clutter’ Solo show at The Last Bookstore, Los Angeles CA, May-July 2019

‘After Hours’ Group show at the Brewery Art Complex, Los Angeles CA, June 2019


Archived Artist Interview: Paul Juno 2014

LA expressionist Paul Juno takes us through his fascinating artistic process in this exclusive video. Filmed on location at Paul Juno's studio in Little Tokyo.